“We have lost our own humanity when we ignore the conditions that dehumanize others”
– Quote from the Founder

As a not-for-profit organization, 300 Inc. has been incorporated to help ease the burden of government through investments in some of the core elements that eat at the bones of Haitian society. The enduring degradation of the education system leads to the inability of scores of individuals to reach their full potentials.  The chronic absence of some of the most basic infrastructure services leaves so many stranded, out of touch with the new world; A multitude of unnecessary and senseless deaths afflict countless number of families because of the elusive access to basic healthcare services.

These, in the 21st century, call for a new kind of focus on how we invest in people. This organization will aim to go beyond putting a Band-Aid on these deep wounds; we are pushing to shift the ground, instill value in people by challenging the root causes of these long-standing problems so that true solutions can propel this society to a new era of development and self-sustainability.

Aware of the complexities of this challenge, 300 Inc. will equip itself with a dynamic, well-rounded team that works diligently to help us deliver results on the ground, uphold our values, and stay true to our mission. We believe that nothing is impossible, as our minds will remain as expansive as the possibilities themselves.

Programs of Focus

  • Education
    • Improve learning experiences
    • Enhance opportunities
  • Healthcare
    • Decrease morbidity and mortality via improved health literacy and meaningful access to healthcare.
  • Environmental awareness and support
    • Increase civic engagement
    • Cleaner coastlines, recycling programs, reforestation.

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