Environmental Awareness and Support

The basis for growth

environmental awareness and supportHaiti has been going through a phase of degradation over the last few decades.  From 1978, forests have vanished at a rapid pace from 20% to < 2%. The way of life has taken its toll. Women are suffering from respiratory complications because of the way meals are prepared. Children are dying of diarrhea because of pollution and inaccessibility to potable water.


There is an abundance of opportunities when it comes to reversing the erosion of the coastlines and deforestation. The people can be sensitized and the local community organizers can play an active role in refurbishing what was once a paradisiacal haven. The decade of 2020 to 2030 will be a pivotal point, a great determinant of whether a complete reversal is possible and if the imminent threat of climate change will continue to ravage what is left of Haiti.  This will be generation Y at its peak.


There is hope.  That is if the community of donors and those who engage in philanthropic missions can collectively shift their focus to projects that help protect the coastlines, replenish the island strategically, invest in irrigation systems, introduce recycling programs to reduce pollutions, and promote energy programs that discourage the desolation of rural areas. We aim to create such a partnership so that the people can enjoy a more fulfilling life, a quality that evolves to be on par with that of advanced societies.

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