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educationThere have been major improvements in the efforts to alphabetize Haiti. Over the last 2 decades, the rate of primary school attendance has increased dramatically from 47% in 1990 to 88% in 2011. Although impressive, these achievements still fall short of the median rate for other developing countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. 76.5% of the populations are considered alphabetized according to the Haitian ministry of education (source: UNDP, march, 2014).

Although these gains are encouraging, there is a huge gap between the experiences that Haitian youths encounter throughout their academic years. The harsh learning environment, the absence of technology, the rarity of library systems, the mere hassle of getting to and from school represent environmental challenges that constitute impediments to excellence. These undoubtedly create a giant chasm that prevents the leap from poverty to self-sustainability. As an organization, we will make it a priority to challenge some of these key impediments by promoting the learning environments necessary to evoke great aspirations and produce global thinkers and innovators.  Investing in this area will be key to reducing the chronic poverty that renders 78% of the population to survive on < $2.00 per day while the poorest 54% live on <$1.00 per day. (Source: UNDP, March 2014).

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